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The trip of a lifetime...

This is your best opportunity to learn from a wealth-building genius on his own turf! The leader in consulting services, Cherif Medawar, has been hosting this once in a lifetime event since 2008. Invitation only - space is extremely limited.

  Dates: February 2019
  Exclusive: Limited to 20 Investors and/or entrepreneurs
  Investment: $35,000 per person
  Included: In-person presentations by Cherif Medawar himself
Analysis of your business potential, obstacles and action plan
On-site transportation for commercial property tours
Roundtrip airfare from anywhere in the continental U.S.
Hotel accommodations — one bedroom suite
All meals and hotel accommodations (one bedroom suite at Cherif’s El Convento Hotel) included
Nightly cocktail reception
For availability and additional information,
please call 407-608-5448 or email

This offering is limited to qualified real estate investors and business owners. Cherif Medawar spends one-on-one time with attendees, giving you specific consultation feedback.

Join Cherif Medawar and his power team of experienced professionals on an exclusive retreat in the splendor and old-world elegance of historic San Juan, Puerto Rico.

This limited opportunity is more than just a dream getaway – it’s a rare mentoring and consulting experience with a master wealth builder. This wholly enriching experience is designed to give you firsthand training, in marketing, operation, finance and technology to take your business to the next level in increased profit.

Cherif is known as one of the top real estate investing and business development consultants in the world.

Cherif has 22 commercial mixed-use properties in Old San Juan that he owns and operates. He is also a real estate hedge fund manager in San Francisco, California since 2009 with approximately $50 Million of AUM. Cherif has consulted for some of the highest producing real estate investors and brokers, as well as some of highest earning small business enterprises over the past 18 years. He is the only consultant that guarantees results once he accepts the engagement agreement with a specific client.

Priceless advice. Garnered in the lap of luxury.

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A Letter from Cherif

Dear Entrepreneurs,

Clients often tell me they wish they could retain my consulting services on a full-time basis. These high achievers want to make certain that their businesses operate at the highest productivity levels and that the value of their enterprises increases.

Spend a long weekend with me in beautiful Old San Juan and see how I analyze your business’s potential, taking into consideration the unique challenges you face. Your takeaway will be a purposeful action plan to take your enterprise to its highest and best level of performance.

One of the simplest techniques to grow your business is to model the most successful competitors and potentially cooperate with some of them to gain market share and expertise.

Entrepreneurs attending this event will learn the most effective principles to apply to their business models.

You’ll also hear from my private team of expert advisors about how to structure deals that immediately result in increased sales and decreased expenses. We focus a great deal on tax incentives that can impact the bottom line without affecting the business operation or the growth potential.

In short, you’ll see how I create and capitalize on exceptional opportunities in business and in real estate.

My track record of survival and prosperity through more than 25 years in business and investments speak for itself.

A unique experience held in a tropical paradise awaits you. I look forward to seeing you in Puerto Rico!

– Cherif

Wealth Retreat with Cherif Medawar

San Juan, Puerto Rico 2019 Itinerary

Learning the rules that make money

Meeting the industry experts
Nobody makes a fortune in a vacuum. It takes a team. You’ll meet Cherif’s trusted team of handpicked advisors and learn what they each look for in structuring deals that generate millions of dollars in profits with little to no risk.

Putting it all together

Timeless principles that produce results in record time!

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Arrival day
  1. We will have a get together at the hotel for a cocktail party
  2. Take a stroll to my house in San Juan
  3. Have a light dinner at my house
  4. Take a walk through the historic part of the Fort of San Juan back to the hotel
Day One's Itinerary
  1. Dress casual elegant (Caribbean-Hawaiian shirt and comfortable pants- bring a jacket as A/C makes banquet room often too cool)
  2. We start the morning with a series of brainstorming sessions to get us warmed up and elevate our thinking, then Cherif goes through each intensive day covering an immense array of strategies (see the itinerary below).
  3. Step by step Cherif shows how he acquired a portfolio of $50 Million with more than $30 Million in equity in the local area in a few months starting in 2003.
  4. Cherif will demonstrate and explain how anyone can do it following his FACTS system:
    • Find: How Cherif identifies the best properties based on location-comps-replacement cost-income and potential for highest and best use
    • Analyze: How Cherif calculates the current numbers on any given commercial property and how he figures out the potential of the property and the future income it can produce, against bank payments- loan structure and Tenant payments as well as structure potential
    • Control: How Cherif negotiated with the Sellers and wrote the contracts in a creative yet fair and powerful way to extract the most value in a systematic manner
    • Time: How Cherif timed the process of due diligence and how he negotiated the loan structures with the bank that made him the most money as the market tumbled and the financing added to his cash flow
    • Strategize: How Cherif negotiates with Tenants - Architects - Attorneys and extracts the best value of each property
  5. A detailed explanation of a legal set up that allows Cherif and anyone who duplicates his methods to receive millions in business and passive income completely tax free approved by the IRS code. This is not based on tax write offs or deductions; it is a very unique set up with legal entities that is exclusive to the wealthy but anyone at any level can take advantage of it.
  6. Lunch with the group. Each attendee shares their background, why they are there and what they want to get out of this wealth retreat.
  7. After lunch we tour the properties with Cherif and see, feel, touch and completely understand his system as he demonstrates and explains the details of acquisitions and highest and best use. These principles could be duplicated anywhere in the world.
  8. Back to the hotel you will see how he leased a space and subleased it (A sandwich lease) making over $100K a year for 15 years without using money or bank. All documents will be provided so you can duplicate.
  9. Individually and in small groups everyone explains how they can apply what they learned on day one. We have members from Cherif’s team present to also answer specific legal and tax as well as real estate questions.
  10. Dinner with the group in a local restaurant.
Day Two's Itinerary
  1. Cherif explains in details how to market and present real estate and/or business opportunities to high net worth and high income in a way that brings about the opportunity to create Partnerships, Joint Ventures and syndications.
  2. Brainstorming on different methods and styles to do a sales pitch. Cherif has mastered public presentations and sales and has consistently closed the highest percentages in most public speaking event. He will share the key points that make a difference between a 10% closing percentage and a 20% closing.
  3. A detailed explanation of a legal set up that allows Cherif and anyone who duplicates his structure to present the syndication opportunities based on investing with pre-tax money instead of after tax. This is more powerful than 401k, IRA and 203B combined. A little know secret used by the super wealthy to compound their returns and reduce their yearly taxes as well as their estate taxes. There are only 12 attorneys practicing in this area of taxation and most of the largest firms have not even thought of combining that structure with real estate syndication. This by far one of the most powerful positioning for you to raise millions and invest the money with a tax preferred advantages with no competition in the US and abroad on behalf on wealthy high income professionals and investors.
  4. Lunch with the group. Each individual will share a real estate success story
  5. Individually and in small groups everyone will explain how they will use what they’ve learned to make the most money with the lowest risk and maximum conversion/closing and retention percentages when raising funds for partnerships, joint ventures and syndications.
  6. Each attendee presents his/her property/concept that they would like the group to critique. The presentations are made based on:
    • People: Who is involved and who will you raise money from (sophisticated and Accredited or accredited only)
    • Product/Property/Concept: (Where is the property and what are the numbers)
    • Positioning: Why is this a terrific deal?
    • Performance: How will you get the property to produce the income you anticipate?
    • Profit: How will you distribute the funds and the regular payouts?
  7. Dinner on the beach and a casino evening at a historic hotel in San Juan.
Day Three's Itinerary
  1. We continue the presentation with the critique for each presenter. Each critique is structured in a way that allows the presenter to learn what he/she did right regarding the style, the content and the close and what they need to improve on regarding their presentation. This feedback is a group effort where attendees will grill you to get answers regarding the project, property or concept you are presenting. Suggestions will be made that will help you become a more effective and powerful presenter.
  2. Lunch with the group. Each individual will share a real estate learning experience.
  3. Presentations are recapped by Cherif and a brief example of how to pitch the MIGSIF as well as how to structure an LLC for commercial deals to have the students participate in the unique opportunities that may come up in the future. Also Cherif will take the time to explain how to pitch the REO notes since all attendees get the Wholesale License Agreement and will make $2,000 per property a s a credit rebate.
  4. Dinner with the group at a local restaurant in San Juan.
Day Four's Itinerary
  1. This is the action day where everyone explains how they will apply what they learned. We recap the commercial real estate investing.
  2. We go over the individual tax benefits of legally receiving tax free income.
  3. We go over how anyone can duplicate the system that created so much wealth for Cherif and others that follow his methods
  4. We review the public and private presentation and persuasion techniques that increase ones ability to communicate effectively to raise money by building trust and delivering on the promises with integrity, safety and systematic profits.
  5. We review how we can explain to investors the possibility of investing with pre-tax money that is more powerful than any “retirement programs” they have ever been exposed to.
  6. Cherif will have his CPA and key government officials visit throughout the four day event to assist anyone ready top take advantage of any legal and tax set up to take their financial life to the highest level.
  7. This is an opportunity for ordinary people starting with little amounts of money to be exposed to the best in wealth education and grow faster, safer and with a compounding effect only known to those who achieve the highest level of wealth through knowledge and practice.
  8. An evening with the group discussing future plans and specific goals.

Hotel El Convento

Your headquarters for four days of learning and luxury.

Exquisite accommodations in San Juan with a breathtaking view of San Juan Bay. Member of Small Luxury Hotels of the World Historic Hotels of America Virtuoso Leading Travel Network

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This Offer is Limited to 20 Attendees

This offering is limited to 20 entrepreneurs only. Whether you are a start-up or a seasoned entrepreneur, whether you are a top executive, a business entrepreneur or a real estate investor, broker or syndicator, the strategies, structures and systems you will learn will inspire you and empower you to take your enterprise to the highest level of performance and results.

Puerto Rico is the most accessible island in the Caribbean, part of the United States and no passport is required for U.S. citizens.

Space is extremely limited. No exceptions! These private destination retreats always sell out, so bookings are filled on a first-come, first-served basis. Contact one of our booking specialists to reserve your dream spot, today!

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